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Renew Registration

In the state of New York, you are responsible for renewing your registration on time. The NYS Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) may send you a renewal reminder in the mail. However, you may not receive a notice if you changed your address and didn’t update this information with the DMV. You may not a notice either if you didn’t answer to three or more parking tickets or if your vehicle’s registration is suspended or revoked.

If you didn’t receive a renewal notice and none of the options above apply to you, you may need to renew your registration by mail. You must be aware of the expiration date of your registration even if you don’t receive a notice. NYS vehicle registrations typically expire every two years.

You may not renew a NYS vehicle registration if:

  • Your registration is suspended or revoked.
  • Your vehicle registration is expired for more than one year.
  • Your registration has not been inspected in the past 12 months.

Renew New York Vehicle Registration by Mail

To renew your NYS vehicle registration, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Complete a Vehicle Registration/Title Application (MV-82).
  • You may obtain this form:
    • Online
    • At your local DMV branch
    • By calling the DMV Call Center
  • Step 2: Use a Change of Address form (MV-232) if applicable
  • Step 3: Enclose a check or money order with payment
    *Checks must be made payable to “Commissioner of Motor Vehicles.”
  • Step 4: Include your insurance card if applicable

You may send all documents to:

NYS DMV Utica Renewal Center
207 Genessee Street,
Utica, NY 13501

Things to keep in mind:

  • If your vehicle registration must be sent to an address that is not the one listed on your MV-82 application, include a note to request the DMV to send your documents to another address.
  • The address that you write on your application is the one that will be reflected on your new NYS vehicle registration.
  • If you indicate a change of address on your registration, this will only affect this registration.
  • To change your address on your records, use a Change of Address form (MV-232).

The DMV typically sends registration renewals within two weeks. Please allow more time for overseas mail. If you don’t receive your documentation within this time period, contact the DMV.

Renew New York Vehicle Registration Online

To renew your NYS vehicle registration online, visit here.

You will need:

  • Registration/plate number
  • Registration class
  • Last name of person on the registration
  • Credit or debit card for payment

When you renew online, you may print a temporary registration that is valid for 10 days while you receive your new vehicle registration. You may get a temporary registration if your registration is about to expire or it has already expired.

You will receive your new vehicle registration within two weeks.

You may not renew your registration online if:

  • Your vehicle is exempted from the payment of registration fees
  • Your vehicle requires the registrant to provide proof of insurance, tax certificate or another document for renewal
  • Vehicle weighs 55,000 lbs. or more
  • Your vehicle is a for-hire vehicle
  • Your vehicle is a semi-trailer with six-year registrations
  • Vehicles have an apportioned registration issued under the International Registration Plan (IRP)
  • Vehicles with an ambulance, New York Press, government or official registration
  • Your vehicle is a rental vehicle

Renew New York Vehicle Registration in Person

You may visit your local DMV office to renew in person. You must bring your renewal notice if you received it by mail. If that’s not the case, bring a completed Vehicle Registration/Title Application (MV-82).

If a second party brings your vehicle registration to the DMV office it must be accompanied by:

  • The original New York State license, permit or non-driver identification card for the second party and a the original or photocopy of the registrant
  • The signature of the registrant on the application

Renewal Registration Forms

New York Vehicle Registration Renewal Fees

The fees to renew your vehicle registration in New York will be included on your renewal notice. If you don’t receive a notice through the mail, use the estimate registration fee service online at the New York DMV website. If you don’t know the correct amount, you may send a check payable to “Commissioner of Motor Vehicles” without writing the amount and your registration renewal.